Musically Inclined

I was part of my middle and high school symphony orchestras (6th-12th grade) growing up. I loved my violin and piano. I had private lessons for the piano and used to practice at least 2 hours a day. I then went off to college in Manhattan upon graduation (2008). I hadn't practiced on a daily basis like I used to - playing only when I'd visit home for holidays and breaks. I've started to pick up my instruments again and boy, do you lose a lot of skill when you stop practicing! But like anything, the more you do something, the better you'll get at it - even if it's the second time around. Have anything you stopped doing? Try starting it up again! It could bring you a lot of joy.


Then & Now

Honestly, this single image can show you how much you can improve if you just keep practicing. A lot of people will tell me, "You have to be born with the talent. Not everyone can draw." And others still will say, "I can draw that, too. It's easy." Whichever perspective you agree with, I truly believe that practice, no matter the field, is the key to being "good" at something.

Megan Yiu - Mallard Duck (2016 / 1997).

Megan Yiu - Mallard Duck (2016 / 1997).